This is a template to generate links to the Project Gutenberg. This template should be used exclusively for BOOKS.

Process မႄးထတ်း

  1. Go to the Project Gutenberg web site.
  2. Look up the page that has the book you want to link via the template.
  3. Get the EText-No. and the Book name.
  4. Edit the Wikibooks page and add in the Gutenberg template, setting the 'no' variable equal to the EText-No. and the 'name' equal to the book name.

Examples of correct usage မႄးထတ်း

{{gutenberg|no=2383|name=The Canterbury Tales and Other Poems}}
{{gutenberg|no=2383|name=The Canterbury Tales and Other Poems|author=[[w:Geoffrey Chaucer|Geoffrey Chaucer]]}}